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Healthy relationships are at the center of our well being. Healthy relationships are not easy, either, but they can be achieved with the right insight, guidance, and action. When communication, trust, roles, and responsibilities are causing ongoing stress in a relationship, it is important to seek help. It can be helpful to work with a professional to help you gain a greater understanding of what exactly is causing these problems and learn ways to actively and realistically resolve them.

We offer Couples and Family Therapy for the following goals:

  • Resolving Disagreements and Conflicts

  • Understanding My Partner Better

  • Reduce Resentfulness and Tension

  • Decide to Stay Together or to End the Relationship

  • Learn how to Discuss and Disagree instead of Hurt and Fight

  • Discuss and improve Issues Around Parenting 

  • Improve Intimacy and Sex

  • Overcome Infidelity

  • To Understand How My Past is impacting my present relationship

  • Discuss and resolve problems with work/life balance and relationship roles

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