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 Our Story & Mission

A letter from Wilcox Wellness Founder/Director, Erica Wilcox, LPC:


We see you. We hear you. We are here to help you heal.


Wilcox Wellness, LLC is a diverse, dynamic, and dedicated team of mental health and wellness experts who are committed to empowering individuals, families, couples and groups to create confidence, clarity and calm in their lives and relationships. 


I founded Wilcox Wellness, LLC for the purpose of expanding my "helping and healing" footprint in the community and at large by offering exceptional and holistic health care for mind, body and spirit. After working for several years in a managed care system as a professional counselor I felt limited by the ways in which I could help my clients heal. I believe that in order for someone to heal from hurt that we must support and honor the whole person, mind, body and spirit. For my practice, this meant three things: Creating a physical environment that feels like a personal sanctuary; Attending to spiritual needs through self-care and mindfulness practice , and most importantly, providing exquisite professional mental health care based upon evidenced based treatments provided by highly skilled therapists .


We are a trauma-informed and trauma recovery focused practice. We honor and respect you as a human being and respect your boundaries,  your experiences and your voice. Our beautiful and spacious office is privately located in the same building as a yoga studio, organic spa, acupuncturist, Himalayan salt room, physical therapist and Naturopathic Physician. 

We are an inclusive, welcoming and LGBTQIA+ affirming practice.  We strongly affirm that Black Lives Matter and actively work to dismantle racism on a personal and professional level. We strive to create an environment of care that is validating for all, and we respect where you are on your life journey. Our restroom is a single bathroom for use by one person at a time, and friendly for all genders, so you can feel comfortable to be who you are, without judgment from others. We encourage you to identify your preferred pronoun(s) on our intake forms, and, if they change over the course of our work together, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

The core values of Wilcox Wellness, LLC are founded upon excellence, innovation, respect, diversity, collaboration,compassion and empowerment. At Wilcox Wellness, we believe that the absence of "illness" does not equate to "wellness". This means that we are deeply committed  to providing  effective and efficient care and support for all of life's challenges; past, present and future. We are passionate about providing personalized counseling and specialty personal growth and development workshops to help you reassess, revise and realign with what is most important to you. 

We do not believe in a "one size fits all" mentality for therapy. We passionate about identifying and amplifying your strengths to help you move through challenges. We are here to help.  Whether it is for individual counseling, group counseling or a personal growth workshop, we honor the opportunity to work with you.




Erica Wilcox, LPC

Founder & Executive Director

Certified EMDR Therapist & Consultant

I work with women who want to close chapters in their lives in order to become their own, empowered author. I use EMDR to help you figure out and work through  the root causes of present day problems.


Nicole Perlini, LMFT

Couples & Family Communication Expert

I teach couples and families how to  have real and productive conversations with one another to gain connection, joy, and trust.

Our Team

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