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Cycle Breaker 

Cycle Breaker™ is a virtual coaching program developed by Erica Wilcox that combines the principles of EMDR therapy with indoor cycling to help you break the cycle of self-doubt, burn out, denying your true self, and emotional pain.

Cycle Breaker™ breaks down the confines of traditional EMDR therapy and empowers you through movement, music, and science backed strategies to reduce stress and increase peace and empowerment. 

I am currently in the process of creating a research study and rolling out Phase I of my program as I fine tune the protocols I have been creating for the past year.

If you are interested in being part of Phase I, please sign up below and you will be updated with the next steps!  Thank you so much for your interest. Let's change the way we help heal!

"This groundbreaking program is currently being

fine-tuned and I am so excited to share it with you."

- Erica Wilcox, Founder of Cycle Breaker

IMG-3750 (1).jpg
Cycle Breakeris not :
  • A weight loss class

  • A traditional spin class

  • A replacement for therapy by a licensed professional 

Cycle Breakeris :
  • Fun

  • Challenging

  • Cathartic

  • Wild

  • Body positive and anti-diet culture

Sign-up to be

part of the waitlist!

Thanks for getting on the waitlist!

I will be in touch soon with more news about Cycle Breaker

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