Astrid Uryson

Artist, Co-Creator, Yoga Teacher, Dancer, Feng Shui Consultant

Astrid Uryson has traveled the world learning, teaching and offering art, dance, yoga, movement, and Feng Shui to those looking to elevate and creatively express and manifest more joy, peace, and playfulness into their lives. She has studied cermanics at the Ceramics Art School (Escuela Nacional de Ceramica, Buenos Aires Argentina), Emotive Dance and Improvisation (Maria Fux & Violeta Britos-Buenos Aires Argentina), is a well accomplished and intuitive yoga teacher and has completed her Yoga Teachers training (Honesdale PA. Himalayan International Institute). Additionally, Astrid is a Feng Shui Professional Consultant and has attended many Feng Shui Advanced Trainings (School of Interior Alignment- Dennis Lynn). She has studied and practice Ayurveda Self-Care and cooking for many years. She brings an organic, approachable and accessible style to her classes and invites play, expression, and empowerment for all students.

Her vision is to hold sacred space, be fully present and offer guidance for individuals to get in touch with, move and release stagnant and blocked energies in their bodies and environments. Astrid offers individual and group expressive movement classes, personalized Feng Shui consultation for your home or office, and offers in home/off-site support and assistance to individuals going through challenging times. 

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